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Patient Reviews & Testimonials for Idaho Joint and Spine & Dr James Whitaker:


5 5 1
I really like seeing Doctor Whitaker for my migraines, he is caring, listens well, and will work with you to find a solution.


5 5 1
I came in and saw Dr. Whitaker after having an extremely bad headache for two days.I wasn't able to turn my head without having even more pain. Dr. Whitaker treated me with OMM and I instantly had relief from my headache. I would recommend him to anyone!


5 5 1
Dr. Whitaker is very thorough. Asked many questions. Found things I didn't know I had, and offered me ways to correct them. Gave his findings to my primary doctor so he wasn't kept out of the loop. I have only had a few visits but I feel so much better. I will be returning for my follow-ups. My home exercises are appropriate, and really helps as long as you do them. He is so much more than just a chiropractor. He is definitely the next step up. I highly recommend him. Very Skilled. Not only is he a nice guy, he is a good man. Thank you Dr. Whitaker.


5 5 1
Dr. Whitaker literally changed my life! One visit, and I have not had a migraine since. He Is a wonderful person! He called me after my appointment to see how I was feeling. His employees are fabulous! They are friendly, and sweet as they can be! have never written a review, but Dr. Whitaker deserves a five star rating, plus more!

Fix you up better than anyone!

5 5 1
This whole office is filled with lovley people not to mention they are going to fix you up better than anyone! I had been running in circles trying to find a solution to my arm inflamation from musical overuse and this was the only place to help get me healed up. They also helped out with some back and neck ajustments as well. So if you have spine or joint problems, especialy if your in the music scene give them a jingle so they can help get you running back at 100%.

It is a Miracle

5 5 1
I've had so many surgeries and walking with a really bad limp for such a long time. When I first came in, I was in really bad shape. I couldn’t walk, I was stooped over, I used a walker, a wheel chair, and barely walked with a cane. I’ve had both knees replaced, I have a plate in my ankle and my left thigh. I have nerve damage on my left side. My other doctors and surgeons told me it was a miracle I was able to walk again after all that. I’ve had years of therapy in the pool, in my house, icing down, massages, getting my muscles to work at all. They told me they couldn’t do anything else for me. When I first came in, using that 1-10 pain scale my pain was a 100. I have bursitis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, extreme pain. Dr Whitaker is a wonderful and great doctor. Since he started working on me I can walk upright and straight. I hardly have any limp. I still use my cane but only for balance. My pain level is down to a 2-3. My medication doses are down and I am off of some of my pain medications. It is just a miracle what he has done for me. I can walk upright. I never thought that would happen again.

I trust my patients to him

5 5 1
I am a chiropractor/nurse practitioner. I see a lot of patients with chronic neck back and hip pain. When I have exhausted all I can do, I love knowing that I can send them to Dr Whitaker and he will get them results. He takes the hard cases for me and makes them look easy. My patients love him.

5 5 1
I have suffered from headaches and migraines for years. I have seen many different neurologists, pain doctors, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractors, and physiatrists in Boise and Nampa but still struggled. I’ve tried all the major migraine medications and pain medication management, but at the time I began seeing Dr Whitaker I was having 2-4 migraines per week and lived with a headache most of the time. Dr Whitaker used a combination of medication changes, osteopathic manipulation, injections, and Cefaly in my treatments. At this point I am down to 1-2 migraines every 10 days, don’t live with a plain headache every day and am ecstatic with the results. It is awesome to be off the pain meds, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory meds. I am so thankful he is in the Boise area and that I am continuing to improve-life is so much more enjoyable and fulfilling. I am back to gardening, vacuuming, playing with the grandkids and even bike riding.

5 5 1
Dr. Whitaker is not only a brilliant physician with an impressive academic and practical background for the medical profession, but he is clearly a physician who cares on a personal level for his patients. He worked with me a long time before coming up with a new, innovative approach to treat my pain that has been successful for me! I had been in intractable, chronic, and acute pain on a daily basis for seven months. Two different injections tried by a previous pain management doctor, plus one by Dr. Whitaker, himself, had yielded no results. Dr. Whitaker continued to research my case until he came up with a brand new (to me) treatment which he had not tried previously. It has been a very successful treatment for me, and I am deeply grateful to him, as I’ve now been able to resume my normal activities of daily living!

5 5 1
After a year and a half of nagging upper back pain, Dr. Whitaker completely fixed me in two visits. He got me back to what I love doing!

5 5 1
I’ve been to two chiropractors and four massage therapists and just assumed that I would have back pain my entire life. Dr. Whitaker adjusted me no more than three times and now I don’t even think about my back. It doesn’t flare up anymore, it doesn’t disable me anymore. I don’t know how he does it, but he knows his spines!

5 5 1
Dr. Whitaker is one of the best docs I’ve seen. His hands-on skills are outstanding, and he is an asset to his osteopathic profession. He helped me with my persistent neck and back pain and showed me techniques I could use to stay healthy and active. Thank you, Dr. Whitaker!

Patient Reviews Received and Shared with Permission:

“You are the Best! Dear Dr Whitaker, Thank you! First time in 3 years I can sleep without my feet burning.  Sorry I cried.  I’m a boob!  So glad God made you! Thank you!” – Kathleen, 5/2018

“Dr James Whittaker’s sage instinct & experience gave me confidence to proceed with spinal surgery a few days after he pinpointed disc and spinal damage which required immediate surgery.  Two days after surgery, I am walking – almost pain free!” – Garth, 4/11/2018

“This is the best thing I have had happen to me.” – Dottie, 5/2017

“Friendly, helpful staff.  Amazing people, warm environment.  No complaints.  I recommend this office to everyone.” – Jessica, 4/2017

“I’ve been dealing with this accute issue for the past 6 months & was finally referred here.  Best doctor & caring that’s truly helped my concerns to help me get better.  I will refer anyone who can benefit from his services!” – Tiffany, 3/2017

“Love Dr Whitaker! Keep up the great work” – Jen, 3/2017

“You were all great and I loved that Dr listen to me and is helping me” – Lisa, 3/2017

“First Doctor who actually listened and worked with me to get better.” – Desiree, 3/2017

“Dr Whittaker is awesome, concerned about well being of patients I’ve ever recommended family members because he’s so great.” – Nichole, 3/2017

“Awesome Visit.  Thanks for getting me in on such short notice.” – Anonymous, 2/2017

“Love Love Love Idaho Joint and Spine!” – Yvonne, 2/2017



Provider Reviews & Testimonials for Idaho Joint and Spine & Dr James Whitaker:

I trust my patients to him.

“I am a chiropractor/nurse practitioner. I see a lot of patients with chronic neck back and hip pain. When I have exhausted all I can do, I love knowing that I can send them to Dr Whitaker and he will get them results. He takes the hard cases for me and makes them look easy. My patients love him.”

Sam Barker,DC, NP-C
Magic Valley Medicine


“When I trained with Dr. Whitaker, he stood out in our class for having some of the best hands-on talent, the most astute diagnostic skills, and the most patient-centered treatment plans. His skills have only gotten better with time, making him a true expert and mentor in his field. I would happily trust him with the care of any of my patients, family members, or friends.”

Jonathan Terry, DO
Medical Director for Behavioral Health
United Health Centers, Parlier, CA
Adjunct Clinical Faculty
UC Irvine School of Medicine
Staff Psychiatrist
Kaweah Delta Health Care District
Visalia, CA


“I spent 4 weeks here as a medical student and witnessed what some people may consider miracles. I saw peoples chronic headaches go away and peoples chronic back, shoulder and neck pain disappear. Both my wife and I have gotten treatment and were extremely pleased with the results.”

Richard Wadsworth, DO
Medical Student at the time
Pacific Northwest University

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