Idaho Joint and Spine is pleased to be able to offer therapeutic massage. Dr. Whitaker is a firm believer in the ability of massage therapy to decrease pain and increase health. Massage Therapy can be a vital aspect to pain management.

To schedule a therapeutic massage call us today at (208)322-5922! Our therapists are well versed in many modalities including:

Deep Tissue Massage

This therapeutic massage modality focuses on deeper pressure to create the beneficial release of chronic muscle tension. This can be very beneficial for patients who experience chronic back, neck, leg, shoulder, arm, and hip pain. It is used to break down scar tissue, muscle adhesion, and muscle “knots”. These conditions can create pain, decrease range of motion, increase inflammation, as well as disrupt circulation. With deep tissue massage there can be a decrease in pain, increase in range of motion, decrease in inflammation, and increase circulation. A study by the Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine (1) found that blood pressure decreased with the effects of deep tissue massage and that there was an average heart rate reduction of 10.8 beats per minute.

Gua Sha

This therapeutic massage modality is an ancient Chinese technique in which the massage therapist uses a specific tool to “scrape” along the skin. It can be used for everything from tight neck or low back pain to headaches, nerve entrapments like carpal tunnel, and chronic pain or tightness post-injury or post-surgery due to scarring. Gua Sha can be therapeutically beneficial for patients that have chronically tight muscles. It can be especially helpful for those that find that massage alone does not resolve their symptoms or that they cannot bet enough muscle work. Patients need to be aware that this treatment can cause tenderness for a few days after treatment and may result in bruising of the treatment area that may last for up to 7 days after treatment. Ask Dr Whitaker or Christina if Gua Sha might be right for your needs.

Table Thai Massage

This therapeutic massage modality relies on therapeutic passive stretching movements, gentle compression, and mild rocking movements. Benefits of this modality can include: increased flexibility, increased range of motion, reduced pain, relaxation of tight muscles, and reduced muscle tension.

Swedish Massage

This therapeutic massage modality is probably the most commonly known method when people think of therapeutic massage. The goal of this is to relax the entire mody with long gliding strokes. One of the best uses of this modality is for acute injury which includes motor vehicles accident injuries. Benefits can include pain reduction, increased blood flow, rehabilitation of muscle injuries, increased flexibility, and reduction of stress and pain.

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