Patient Reviews & Testimonials for Idaho Joint and Spine & Dr James Whitaker:

“You are the Best! Dear Dr Whitaker, Thank you! First time in 3 years I can sleep without my feet burning.  Sorry I cried.  I’m a boob!  So glad God made you! Thank you!” – Kathleen, 5/2018

“Dr James Whittaker’s sage instinct & experience gave me confidence to proceed with spinal surgery a few days after he pinpointed disc and spinal damage which required immediate surgery.  Two days after surgery, I am walking – almost pain free!” – Garth, 4/11/2018

“This is the best thing I have had happen to me.” – Dottie, 5/2017

“Friendly, helpful staff.  Amazing people, warm environment.  No complaints.  I recommend this office to everyone.” – Jessica, 4/2017

“I’ve been dealing with this accute issue for the past 6 months & was finally referred here.  Best doctor & caring that’s truly helped my concerns to help me get better.  I will refer anyone who can benefit from his services!” – Tiffany, 3/2017

“Love Dr Whitaker! Keep up the great work” – Jen, 3/2017

“You were all great and I loved that Dr listen to me and is helping me” – Lisa, 3/2017

“First Doctor who actually listened and worked with me to get better.” – Desiree, 3/2017

“Dr Whittaker is awesome, concerned about well being of patients I’ve ever recommended family members because he’s so great.” – Nichole, 3/2017

“Awesome Visit.  Thanks for getting me in on such short notice.” – Anonymous, 2/2017

“Love Love Love Idaho Joint and Spine!” – Yvonne, 2/2017

Provider Reviews & Testimonials for Idaho Joint and Spine & Dr James Whitaker:

I trust my patients to him.

“I am a chiropractor/nurse practitioner. I see a lot of patients with chronic neck back and hip pain. When I have exhausted all I can do, I love knowing that I can send them to Dr Whitaker and he will get them results. He takes the hard cases for me and makes them look easy. My patients love him.”

Sam Barker,DC, NP-C
Magic Valley Medicine

“When I trained with Dr. Whitaker, he stood out in our class for having some of the best hands-on talent, the most astute diagnostic skills, and the most patient-centered treatment plans. His skills have only gotten better with time, making him a true expert and mentor in his field. I would happily trust him with the care of any of my patients, family members, or friends.”

Jonathan Terry, DO
Medical Director for Behavioral Health
United Health Centers, Parlier, CA
Adjunct Clinical Faculty
UC Irvine School of Medicine
Staff Psychiatrist
Kaweah Delta Health Care District
Visalia, CA

“I spent 4 weeks here as a medical student and witnessed what some people may consider miracles. I saw peoples chronic headaches go away and peoples chronic back, shoulder and neck pain disappear. Both my wife and I have gotten treatment and were extremely pleased with the results.”

Richard Wadsworth, DO
Medical Student at the time
Pacific Northwest University